How to Have a Girls Weekend in Sioux Falls, SD

Are you looking for quick girls’ trip that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further than South Dakota!

Me and two other friends recently went on a weekend vacation to Sioux Falls, which was only a three-hour drive from Omaha. Since it was relatively close, we didn’t even need to do a long weekend or anything. We left on Friday and came back on Sunday.

What really made us jump on this opportunity, however, was the cute Airbnb we found!

if you haven’t used Airbnb before, use my link to get $55 off your first trip!

We got the whole place to ourselves with two beds, a bath, a kitchen, sun area, dining room AND living room. Since I’m lucky enough to be friends with a stellar photographer, we did a quick photoshoot that turned out soooo cute. Of course, you don’t have to do this, but it is still fun to take pictures of the unique wall and aesthetically pleasing rooms.


On our only full day, Saturday, we woke up and headed out for Falls Park. It’s free to walk around the area and even to climb up the tower for a better viewpoint. Even though it was snowy and looked like a winter wonderland, the falls were not frozen over and still flowing!

We wanted to eat at the Overlook Café, as it overlooks the falls, but sadly it was closed for the season. Instead we made our way to Josiah’s Café, a place we heard about from a friend of Drea’s. This place was SO CUTE. It was downtown, full of charm and served really good food.

Since we were already downtown, we decided to walk around the area and check out some local boutiques and boy are we glad we did! My personal haul included a green sweater for about 15 bucks, a head scarf, sunglasses and reusable face pads (which I will use when applying toner). Some of the places we loved were:

  • Chelsea’s Boutique
  • Terra Shepherd Boutique & Apothecary

We finished our fun-filled day, by having an equally fun-filled night. After dinner, and asking our waitress what bars we should hit up, we Uber-ed to Lucky’s for a few drinks. Lucky’s had a “hometown” feel and was fun to just sit, drink and chat. We needed that semi-rest because out next stop was PAve.

PAve was a lively dance bar that had two floors and a huge rooftop balcony, where you could also hear the music. It was a lot of fun and a good way to end out final night of the girls trip.


Before we headed home on Sunday, we got up and ate breakfast (at Josiah’s again, lol) and then drove about 10 mins to Great Bear Ski Valley. We knew we didn’t want to stay too long so we didn’t pack any snow gear, although gloves would’ve been nice. And although the ski valley offers snowboarding and skiing options, tubing was the only thing on our minds!

Tubing was a lot more fun than anticipated. Once we got our tubs in tow, we stood on a conveyor belt that took us to the top, where we then flew down the side of a large hill. 10/10 would recommend.

Weekend and weekday pricing differs, so here is an outline of the prices you can expect to pay if you plan on going tubing on the weekends.

Morning9 am – 12 pm$13
Afternoon12 pm – 5 pm$18
Evening5 pm – 9 pm$13
All day unlimited time$22
from great bear website

Thank you so much for following me along this journey, and thank you to Jessica and Drea who were great travelers and friends during this short trip. Here’s to more adventures with friends in 2020!

*What is your favorite state?

*Have you been to South Dakota?

*Would you make a trip to snow ski/snowboard?

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  1. I never thought of South Dakota for a trip but it looks like a fun city and the Airbnb looks so cool!

  2. I got to see a little bit of Sioux Falls when my hubby and I were RVing, it looks like a fun spot to hang out with friends for a bit. Great photos!

  3. The place you stayed at looks so adorable! Sioux Falls looks like a fun place to visit. I would like to eat at Overlook Cafe so see the falls!

  4. Where did you stay? My friends and i are looking for a place to stay in sioux falls for a quick girls weekend? Looks like a neat place!

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