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You have dreams, you have goals and you have places you want to visit. So, what happens when you can’t “afford” to live out these dreams? A budget can come in handy. I’ll admit, I personally am not the best at budgeting – but I am trying to get better! Usually before I book a trip I think, “will these experiences outweigh the cost?” and if the answer is yes (which is usually is)…I book the damn trip. But I can really only do this because I work full-time and have a pretty good savings account, I started way back when I was 15 during my first job.

Still, my favorite blog to read about budget tips is JenRew! She was recently saving and prepping for a wedding and honeymoon (that happened in back in December) and I loved seeing how she did it. In my quest to get to know other bloggers and share better stories, I thought it would be fun to have a short little Q&A with her talking all things budgets AND travel, especially because her honeymoon was in Europe! 😉

1.) How important is having a budget? EXTREMELY! When I travel, my whole goal is to completely immerse myself wherever I am. Whether it’s a 2-hour drive away or a trip overseas, I want the full experience! This means shelling out an extra buck or two for interesting dinners or fun experiences that I may not have been expecting (or at the very least, a bathroom break in the London train station. Using public restrooms aren’t always free in Europe!) Having a budget to save up for trips allows me to fully commit to my adventures without having to worry about a drained bank account.

2.) How has budgeting helped you travel more? (If at all) Budgeting allows me to take all of the trips I do! I’ve always been a saver and once I know I’m going to be taking a trip, I start to throw extra cash into my savings account. Always saving (and budgeting) even helps with spontaneous trips, because I already have some cash on hand to take me where I need to go.

3.) How can you prioritize travel into your budget? Honestly, I’ve found that if something is really important to you, like traveling to a foreign country, you’ll find a way to do it. Some people, like myself, save and then spend. Others, buy the plane tickets and work the money back to force themselves instead of possibly NEVER going because they “don’t have the money.” Prioritizing travel looks different for many people. If you’ve really been wanting to travel more, but can’t seem to find the “time” or “money” I suggest these tips:

  • Figure out what places really get you excited. Is it the beach? Historical sites? Delicious food? Pick 1 – 3 generic ideas that you find fascinating and Google them! You may be surprised with the results.
  • Once you’ve Googled and narrowed down the kind of trip you’re wanting, look at your bank account. What can you afford? What are you willing to save/spend while you’re there? Travel is very important for personal growth but try to NOT go into debt for it.
  • Request the PTO. This seems to be the hardest part for many people (including myself!) Pick the dates and go for it. If you’re looking to save top dollar, I recommend looking at Google flights price graph if you can be flexible on your time frame. It’s a super easy way to save hundreds of dollars. Once you’ve found your cheapest flight, THEN request the PTO! And don’t worry about work. I promise, the company WILL go on without you. You just enjoy your time off.
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4.) What is your favorite part to splurge on when traveling? My favorite splurge item while traveling will always and forever be food. I love trying new cuisines and drinks – even if they aren’t always “local” favorites. In Salzburg, Austria I had the BEST shrimp gnocchi I’ve ever had and in Dublin, Ireland I had the most amazing salmon and mussel meal. (I have a thing for seafood if you can’t tell!) Food is one of the best ways to really learn about the place you’re at, whether it may be traditional foods or not. Plus, when I look back on trips, food & drinks are always where the best experiences and memories seem to be. The world basically revolves around food, so might as well splurge on it!

Thank you so much for reading and thank you so much to JenRew for being so open and wanting to work with me. I hope these tips and tricks help you realize that traveling is always more do-able than you think!

My biggest takeaways from this are that I should start making a budget for bigger trips so I know how much I can spend, without breaking the bank. Also, I want to be able to spend more on food and drinks. I feel like usually I go the cheap route with these options so to “save money,” but I think they would really contribute to my experiences.

Let me know what you thought of this collab, how you budget, and what your tips are in the comments below! ❤️

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  1. Great post!

    I have to admit, we are often pretty frugal when we travel as my favourite part of most destinations is getting out and walking (especially if there are mountains!) BUT I totally agree with JenRew about food. If there is one thing I don’t mind splurging on, it is tasty food!!

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