Just your typical “about” page …

20-something studying at UNO

Journalism and Media Communications


Minor: International Studies

Currently been to TEN countries!

Blessed beyond belief

UPDATE: I recently graduated (in 3 ½ years) with my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Communication, with a minor in International Studies. I started full time at my current (and 3rd) internship as the Online Content Coordinator. Since I started out as an intern, my job really includes a little bit of everything, from writing blog posts, uploading content to our websites (we have about 100 partners, with 100 websites), placing orders for business cards, being a compliance liaison and sending emails! I work the typical 8-5, M-F, but I love spending my weekends traveling – as I was trying to travel every month this year, and I also got my first ever paid leave which I used on my recent trip to the U.K! So far, I do really enjoy my job and the people I work with and I’m grateful that it has allowed me to continue traveling and working on this blog, but who knows what the future holds?


Movie: Scream (1996)

Food: Grilled Cheese

Band: Fall Out Boy

Color: Ocean Blue, baby


Doing yard work

Food that resembles other food


Hallmark Christmas movies


My family 🙂

My cat, Monkey, & my dogs, Finley and Jaks

My high school class ring (seriously, I wear these everyday)

My black combat boots, that I wear 90% of the year

UPDATE: My family got another dog, named Sadie Mae, and me, myself and I got two tiny kittens for my apartment. Raisin, is all black and Chippy is black with white paws. I love them.


If you’re at all wondering why this name for this blog, don’t worry I gotcha covered. My name’s Claire, middle name Carson. Both start with C and I guess I just thought “CC” sounded cute. No ones even called me that before but I liked it.

The “photography” part of CC’s Photography comes from the fact that I originally started this blog as another way to share my travel pictures.

Finally, there’s a “96” in the url because just “CC’s Photography” was already taken and I was born in ’96. 😉

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photography picture


My Story with Adoption   Since I was only a month old when I was adopted into my family, I don’t remember a whole lot about my birth parents. I can’t tell you what their names were, what color of eyes they had, how curly or straight their hair was, if they had any tattoos or…

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