2021 Year In Review

For me, this year was all about reinvention.

I revisited many places I had previous been to and tried to look at them in a new light.

I took trips without the intention of checking things off a bucket list.

I learned the importance of slowing down, as if remembering that I don’t need to see everything in my 20s. That there is time.

I reflected on previous family trips and wrote stories about those moments, despite those states not being new to me.

I learned to love my Midwest neighbors, creating fun memories in states I had previously written off as “boring”, (i.e. Iowa).

I revisited states I thought I failed as a tourist and rewrote what I thought of the city. TIP: Nashville is not a solo place.

I replaced my mindset that long road trips should be taken alone. Having traveled to the south and to the west with new travel partners this year, I learned it actually is better to have more than one driver.

I re-vamped my website, with a new layout, new name and new logo.

I remembered my love for writing and this space.

In 2021….

I wrote 12 blog posts
I currently have 83 WordPress followers
I currently have 715 Pinterest followers
I currently have 116 Facebook page followers
Most commented blog was 7 Restaurnats You Need to Try in Marco Island, Florida
Most “liked” blog was 4 Quirky, Iowa Roadside Attractions
Most viewed blog was Dog-sledding in Minnesota
*it actually was How to Have a Girls Weekend in Sioux Falls, SD, but that blog was from 2020

What’s to come in the new year?

I hope I continue to travel, but above all, I hope I remember that travel is not just about the Instagram pictures

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