My 9 Favorite Nashville Bars

Last month, I celebrated my sister’s 21st birthday down in Nashville. Now, I have been to music city before (read more on that here) and I’m not the biggest drinker, however I still thought it would be a heck of a lot of fun to go with my sister and her friends.

Last time I was in Nashville, I went alone and that didn’t really allow me the chance to experience a big part of what the town is all about: partying! So, even though I didn’t ever stay out as late as my sister (did you know the bars down there stay open until 3 a.m.?!) I still had a blast checking out the scene and seeing how they do things down south.

My 9 favorite Nashville bars are:

Whiskey Bent

    • atmosphere: an old Irish pub feeling
    • drinks: we had cider here and thought it was pretty light and airy
    • live music? no

Big Machine

    • atmosphere: modern & classic
    • drinks: try my all time favorite, the blueberry slushy
    • live music? yes

Bootleggers Inn

    • atmosphere: crowded & small, seemed like a “local” place
    • drinks: this is a whiskey place, so you should try two whiskey shots:
      • White Lighting
      • Oatmeal Cookie (tasted like an actual oatmeal cookie)
    • live music? yes


    • atmosphere: they had a really fun stage where we actually got up and danced with the singer
    • drinks: the drink I had here was not my favorite, lol 
    • live music? yes

White Limozeen

    • atmosphere: this is Dolly Parton’s bar/restaurant so the décor theme was pink and very girly! 10/10
    • drinks/food: we tried the fancy drinks to go along with the atmosphere but for how expensive they were, they weren’t the best 
    • live music? no

Casa Rosa

    • atmosphere: this is Miranda Lambert’s bar so again it was girly and I loved it
    • drinks/food: try the blueberry slushy! also the food here was pretty spicy
    • live music? yes


    • atmosphere: each floor had a different vibe, but we went all the way to the rooftop and it felt like a small town bar
    • drinks: I didn’t drink here
    • live music? yes

Jason Aldean

    • atmosphere: Jason Aldean’s bar had a hugeee rooftop area that even included a dance floor, probably the best rooftop area we went to.
    • drinks: I didn’t drink here
    • live music? yes


    • atmosphere: small and cozy
    • drinks: I loved the Wildwood!
    • live music? yes


Well, that’s all I have for my favorite bars in Nashville!

If I’m being honest, I had another bar written down that we went to (The Stage) but I could not remember a single thing about that place. I even looked up pictures of it and that still didn’t help jog my memory. Obviously, that place didn’t leave a lasting impression on me, lol.

I hope this blog helps guide you on the different types of bars they have in Nashville, but also shows you that you don’t need to drink at every place if you’re not comfortable doing so. I surely didn’t have a drink in my hand all the time but I still had a great time dancing and talking with my travel group.


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  1. Wait wait wait.. Jason Aldean has a bar? That’s so awesome I would love to check it out. I have been wanting to go to Nashville for a while but now I have also slowed down a lot in the partying department. I can’t keep up with my friends anymore, so it’s good to know you still had a good time.

  2. Nashville has been on my list for a while, I think I’d like to head to the bars with live music because it’s so famous for it and I love music.

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