Irish Stories: Tombs, Tours, and Temples

This is my love letter to Ireland.

My grandma has always talked about wanting to visit Ireland because of her Irish heritage. I too, have dreamed of this place for a long time and I’m extremely grateful to have experienced it with my mother. We flew into Dublin from Scotland and immediately realized that in Ireland, they take Euros – not Pounds like the other countries we were in. Rookie mistake.

Still, after exchanging our currency I have to say Dublin was one of the coolest cities we visited! Dublin has it all – bars, churches, a mix of medieval and modern architecture and super nice people.

Ireland Flight


The first thing we did in Dublin was make our way to the Christ Church Cathedral. We actually just happened to stumble upon this church, but we sure are glad we did. Unlike the many other churches we saw across the U.K, this one had catacombs you could explore. My mom and I were all over that! The catacombs took us underneath the church and we were transported back 500 years, gazing astonishingly at the dresses, cutlery and tombs!

Christ Church Cathedral


The second big thing we did was go on a Guinness Tour. The tour is in the Guinness Storehouse and takes you through 5 floors of information, including areas dedicated to the drink’s marketing department. You can also pour your very own Guinness glass and become a “certified pourer”, which is something I opted for using my “drink tickets” that come with the tour purchase. Along the self-guided tour, you also get a free shot of the drink, which is where I discovered I actually don’t enjoy Guinness…like at all! However, it was still super neat to learn about this Irish staple, because the people in Ireland sure love it!


The third and kind-of last “big activity” we did, beside souvenir shopping, was stop at the Temple Bar. The Temple Bar is an iconic staple of Dublin. It’s been around since the mid-1800’s but don’t be deceived by the outside exterior, this bar is actually HUGE. My mom and I walked through numerous hallways and small rooms (some with open ceilings, some without) in order to find a seat – which we did eventually find. When we were able to sit down, we sipped on some cocktails and delicious prosciutto (my mom had actually been craving this our entire trip).

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Temple Bar


  • Next to the temple bar, you will find a gelato place that is quite tasty and worth the money. You’ll also see a souvenir shop, which was the best we found in Dublin.
  • Dublin also has a pretty cool Viking museum, which you can save money on if you also go to the Christ Church Cathedral.
  • Ireland is an island, it is not connected to any other United Kingdom countries, so you might want to think about what’s in your carry on when you’re traveling there.

As always, thank you so much for reading – I have just ONE more country left from my summer trip: Iceland! So stay tuned for that and more collabs in the future. ♥

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**Have you been to Ireland?
**What’s your choice alcoholic drink?
**Did I miss anything in Dublin?


  1. I’ve never been to Ireland but its definitely on the list. I love your “love letter” to Oreland. The Paris catacombs were awesome I’d also like to see these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love to visit Ireland! I visited Scotland and loved it so much, I’m sure I’ll love Ireland too! The catacombs sounds so cool and I think my hubby would enjoy the Guiness tour!

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