Lost my Phone to Mardi Gras

Yes, I got my phone stolen and yes, I would go back.

Mardi Gras is an incredible out-door festival, cultural experience and trip of a lifetime all in one.

Thankfully, I did not go alone this time.

My friends and I left early Sunday Morning for New Orleans and were welcomed by very humid weather — which was appreciated since we just came from snowy Omaha.

Since our hotel was in East New Orleans, we stopped at Lucky Jean Seafood before checking in. I had the Cajun shrimp and their delicious Gumbo.


We decided our hotel should be outside of the French Quarter to save money. HOWEVER, we figure we spent the difference in Uber rides and if we were to go back, would definitely stay in a hotel / AirBnb closer to the action.


Our next stop was Bourbon Street! We hit the ground running and walked our way along the 13-block street stopping at restaurants, bars, shops, for dancers, street musicians and to get beads!

BTW, you do NOT need to show any body parts to receive beads. Plenty of people gave us beads just for smiling and waving at them!


Our FAVORITE places were “The Beach” which had an awesome DJ and dance floor setup (however, drinks were expensive here) and “The Famous Door” which hosted an incredibly talented live band, reasonably priced drinks and space to dance.

NOTE: “The Famous Door” is where my phone got jacked, right out of my backpack side pocket. Which in hindsight I should’ve just held onto it.


The next morning was spent walking through the Garden District and getting to see Buckner Mansion, the filming location of American Horror Story: Coven, and drinking local coffee at PJ’s Coffee & Tea.

Our next activity was a 2-hour walking “haunted” tour that consisted of local ghost stories, vampire legends, a voodoo temple and the house of the Lalaurie’s (another AHS: Coven reference).


We finished the day by eating at Landry’s Seafood House, and after loving their shrimp-corn bisque continued down Bourbon Street to end out trip with a bang!

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**We would love to go back for a swamp tour and to see more cemeteries!
**Did I miss anything?
**Do you celebrate Mardi Gras?

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