22 Places in 22 Years

To celebrate my 22 years of life on this beautiful planet, I thought I would take 22 of the places I’ve traveled and write one word that sums up how I would describe that place / trip / time / etc.

**Since I’ve traveled to more than 22 places, I alphabetized my list and went down to number 22.


Arizona – heat

Aruba – sand

Belgium – chocolate

California – coast

Colorado – free

Curacao – young

D.C. – walking

England – love

Florida – beach

France – fancy

Germany – historic

Illinois – road-trip

Iowa – ugh

Italy – summer

Kansas – music

Mexico – family

Missouri – sunny

Nebraska – home

Netherlands – fields

Nicaragua – mother

New Jersey – lost

New York – crowds

I hope these next 22 years of life are filled with visiting new places, reading new stories, making more friends, petting more animals and showing my family how much I love them.

Here’s to 22!

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