How to Spend One Day in OKC

If you’re looking for a quick vacation, just something to mix up your daily routine, or are looking for a place to break up a really long road trip – Oklahoma City is the perfect place to spend on day in.

My friend and I were headed to Texas from Nebraska via car and knew we didn’t want to try to make it in one go. So, we decided to stop in OKC. In full transparency, we we’re originally only going to spend the night in the state, before heading down to Texas. But with the weather not fully cooperating and us not wanting to get stuck in the Lone Star state, we made the choice to completely scrap that trip and plan a new one – one in OKC!

With absolutely no clue on how to spend our day, we quickly looked up some places we could go and were pleasantly surprised on how our day went. Here’s how to spend one whole day in Oklahoma City.

oklahoma city


Start your morning off in uptown at The Copley. It’s a large, white open spaced café that serves delicious coffee and unique breakfast items, such as the brulee banana toast. And the chia teas were delicious here!

Next, walk off the delicious breakfast you just had at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Plus, it’s only a short drive away. It’s free to walk along the outside acres but the Crystal Bridge Conservatory costs $8 and is currently closed for construction until fall 2022.

botanical gardens


For a change of scenery, make your way to Bricktown near the Chickasaw Ballpark. Bricktown in OKC could also be called the waterfront area. Walk along the water and check out restaurants (if you’re hungry), wine bars and painting classes. Or even do a water cruise!

When you’re done with the water scene, the last district you should check out in OKC is the Arts District. Filled with colorful buildings, you’ll have a fun time shopping or just taking pictures in this area.

arts district


Finish your evening with some delicious Italian food at Flips. Sit outside if you’re visiting during nice weather and then head back to your Airbnb. We found two very cute and affordable stays in the area.

Another recommendation on how to spend your day in OKC would be checking out the well-known Frontier City amusement park. If we had another day, I think we would’ve liked to spend time here.

Well, there you have – one perfect day in OKC filled with delicious food, good photo ops and of course great company (thanks, Drea).

If you had only day to spend in OKC, how would you spend it?


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  1. We are always looking for new spots in the U.S. for a great stay for a few days. Walking in the Botanical Gardens would be a great way to spend part of a day in Oklahoma City. Especially if we plan to indulge in the great Italian food at Flips.

  2. I had absolutely no idea that Oklahoma City had a waterfront area. And now that I know that, I want to visit OKC to check it out. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  3. Who would have guessed that Oklahoma City is such an vibrant and inspiring city with a gorgeous waterfront?! Obviously, totally worth the visit. Also, I love the harmonious color composition of your blog and this post – very unique and tasteful!

  4. I’ve never heard of Oklahoma City before. Great article keep sharing more places like this. It’s great to hear more about the places away from mass over tourism. I’d definitely head to the botanical gardens.

  5. We used to visit different US cities for conventions, and were always looking for a plan to see the sites in a day or so. This is a great reference for OKC.

  6. I spent my one day being at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. But i just love your take. You found that yelclow and white beauty at the Botanical Garden and then that pink and green art. Love your take.

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