A Haunting in Connecticut (the blog)

Driving into New Haven, Connecticut, it was actually refreshing to see some water, as opposed to just trees.

The Long Island Sound glistened next to the coastal town. Our one night here was brief, but it was exactly what we needed after spending days hiking in the forests of Vermont.

The first thing on our agenda was to get as close to the water as we could, so we drove to Lighthouse Point Park. Because of COVID, rental cars from out of state couldn’t actually go into the park. However, the guide told us we could park our car and just walk in, which was exactly what we did. We walked to the lighthouse and got gorgeous views of the city, the rocky coastline and even saw a carousal which dated back to 1911. The carousal wasn’t working, which I also blame on COVID.

After getting some fresh air, we walked back to our car and drove around looking for a place to eat and places to shop for souvenirs. Here on the East Coast, I actually had a very difficult time finding keychains (something I try to collect from each state). On more than one occasion I was told “Keychains? No, sorry we don’t sell those here, try __.” However, we did not have a difficult time finding a place to eat.

New Haven is filled with many great restaurants, but we wanted to be on the water so we chose Shell & Bones: Oyster Bar and Grill. We ate the shrimp, calamari, a cheese board and of course some New England clam chowder. This was pry one of my fav places we ate at – it was all so good!

Before heading on to our final activity of the day, we made sure to drive through Yale’s campus! It’s definitely a fun thing to do and would recommend checking out the campus even more if you have the time.

We were headed to Grove Street Cemetery, which was supposedly haunted. If you ask me, I would assume most, if not all, cemeteries are haunted. But this one stood out as the most frequented visited by ghost tourists. It should also be noted that while I am not the biggest fan of ghosts, my mom and sister are. My mom and I have toured other cemeteries and had fun – like in Nicaragua, so I gave this a go.

And my sister wanted to go at night to increase our chances of seeing something spooky.

We didn’t get necessarily see a ghost. But we did see a lot of cool tombstones and had a really fun time scaring each other.

The night ended with us getting some ice cream and heading to our hotel to reflect on the day’s journey. And before we knew it – we were in Rhode Island! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog about the final days of our trip. And as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. This sounds like a fun trip with the family. Especially the visit to the cemetery, it gives you shivers, but also a few of the amazing moments which you can cherish. I believe you are a dark tourist, there are many other spooky places around Yale, to visit and enjoy.

  2. Oh I would love to try that oyster bar! And the minute I read clam chowder I got all hungry again 😀

  3. Oh my god. I think you may be my new favorite blogger! I love all things ghostly and creepy and was just wondering the other day why there aren’t more blogs focused on supernatural tourism. I actually saw a show on Netflix about a haunting in Newhaven. Seems like I have to go there someday to explore the creepiness for myself. Thanks for sharing

  4. I enjoy reading ghost stories but I am not such a fan of visiting cemeteries or go ghost hunting. I am glad you had fun on your visit and one with family is often treasured.

  5. I don’t understand why Because of COVID, rental cars from out of state are not allowed to go into the park. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

    And, yes I do believe in ghosts

  6. Photos from Grove Street Cemetery looks so funny and scary. I like it. I think it such a great trip. I want to photograph Lighthouse Point Park.

  7. While I like being scared and creeped out, I don’t necessarily believe. Looks like you had a really fun time though!

  8. Old cemeteries definitely have something spooky about them. And your pics are equally scary! Good job at intriguing the horror bone 😀

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