Why Wales Should be on your Travel Bucket List

Conwy, Wales has, in fact, taken the spot for my most favorite place ever (previously held by Cannon Beach, OR).

Wales is the small, neighboring country of both England and Scotland, and although it isn’t as tourist heavy – it should be. Wales has it all: ancient castles, rolling green hills, beachside towns and beautiful weather.

My mom and I arrived in Conwy, Wales – both by trains, but on two different schedules (I was coming from London and she was coming from Manchester). When we finally met up, we walked around the entirety of Conwy Castle. The castle was built in the 1300’s and is really RIGHT near town. The castle previously had walls that outlined the small town and about 3/4th’s of them are still standing, meaning you can walk the perimeter of the town via ancient castle walls!

We spent the rest of the day exploring the cute town, their graveyard and beautiful churches, eating gelato and walking along the waterfront – where you will also see multitudes of fascinating sailboats. The waterfront is also home to the “smallest house in Great Britain” that you can see for 1 pound.

conwy wales
Conwy, Wales

Our second day in Wales started off with massages, we were staying in a hotel + spa after all, and my mom was quite sore from the long travel day (she’s not a fan of long flights). Then, we hoped in a taxi and made our way to Llandudno, Wales (pronounced “land” “dude” “no”) because we heard this was a great place for shopping and sightseeing and only about a 15 minute ride.

The first stop we made was at a small restaurant where we found we absolutely love yorkshire pudding. We also saw someone at the table next to us eat possibly the greatest sandwich known to man: it was JUST french fries in between two slices of bread.

After souvenir shopping we finished our night in LLandudno, which could actually pass as a cute Floridian town but with much greener hills, by walking along the pier, eating more gelato, and watching locals fish for crabs. We packed up and in the morning headed to our next destination: Scotland!

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