May is for …. Maine!

“May is for …. Maine!”

This is my exact thought process for picking where I wanted to spend my trip over Memorial Weekend, although, I have always wanted to go to Maine! There’s something about small, seaside towns with chilly mornings and mountains facing the ocean that make my heart sing. I think this is also why I was obsessed with Oregon before I even ventured out there.

Maine is a beautiful state and there are many places you could choose to spend a vacation there. After some digging, I found that Bar Harbor had everything I was looking for – ocean views and close access to hiking trails because of Acadia National Park!



Bar Harbor is located on an island that is connected to the rest of the state through a bridge. You can fly into the Bar Harbor Airport (which is actually located in Trenton, ME) and make the 20-minute drive to the town pretty easily either through renting a car or calling an Uber.


Downtown Bar Harbor has a bustling atmosphere–thanks to the walkable streets–filled with tourist shops, ice cream stores, outdoor adventure gear and seafood restaurants. After peering in a lot of windows, I really enjoyed the Cool As a Moose store and it’s where I found my souvenirs (a key chain for myself and lobster candy for my dad).

Something I learned while doing my pre-trip research is that Maine is really into producing blueberries, so naturally I had a blueberry margarita at Jack Russell’s Brewery. And I don’t think anyone would’ve let me live it down if I went to Maine and DIDN’T have lobster. At Havana, I opted for the mini lobster rolls with their bread basket and I ate everything in about 7 minutes – it was so good!


A big chunk of my time was spent exploring Acadia National Park. You could really spend a couple of days just going around the park. The main(e) things I wanted to hit were the Carriage Roads, Thunder Hole and Sand Beach.

The Carriage Roads are good for hiking/biking and were the original roads rick folk took back in the day to get around the island! Thunder Hole is a natural rock inlet that produces this thunderous boom when the water meets the shore. All in all, I walked about 15 miles (!!) during my stay in Bar Harbor so I think I’m good on exercising for the rest of the year.

Carriage Roads

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**Have you been to Maine? 
**What National Parks have you been to?
**Did I miss anything about Bar Harbor? 

  1. Acadia National Park looks like a beautiful place, I want to visit so bad! Would you recommend taking younger children for the hikes or do you think it would be to difficult? The blueberry margaritas sound delicious!

    1. I think it def depends on the hike! most of them are pretty manageable so I think taking kids is a great idea! there is one hike that I remember where it has ladder rungs into the side of a mountain, and that one might be difficult for younger children….but other than that I think kids would love acadia!

  2. I lived pretty close to Maine and still haven’t made it there! I really would like to visit! The harbor and hiking looks amazing!

  3. I haven’t been to Maine yet but it definitely looks like a beautiful state. I’d especially love to explore the Acadia National Park!

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