Way Out West: Carhenge, NE

Way out in Western Nebraska sits a pile of old, toppled cars. But theses cars did not get there by accident, nor is the lot abandoned. Carhenge is a sculptured art piece that pays homage to England’s Stonehenge all from the comfort of Nebraska.

Carhenge takes interpretation from England’s great mystery sculpture, but adds in a Midwest flair. Designed by Jim Reinders in 1987, the art sculpture has been preserved by the community of Alliance for  30 years.

The lot is free to the community and open all year, check out their website here.


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Tips: Surviving the Journey to Carhenge

For any college students in Nebraska who think seeing Carhenge would be great way to get away and see more of the state, be aware of the road ahead. The drive from Omaha to Alliance, where Carhenge is located, is roughly eight hours long. Here are some tips, acquired from my own personal experience and the article on LifeHacker.com, on how to manage a third of your day crammed in a car.

  • Don’t travel alone.
    • Driving alone for long periods of time can be dangerous because the driver might get tired faster than anticipated, which could cause a serious wreck. Jon Mixon, who wrote the article “How to Survive Long Road Trips Without Going Crazy” on LifeHacker.com in 2015, says that if one is going to travel alone, take frequent breaks and make sure to stretch on those stops.
  •  Be Prepared.
    • Know that un-scheduled hiccups mights occur during the trip. Make sure phones are charged or that a charger is always available incase someone needs to be called for an emergency situation. Mixon also says to bring flashlights for night driving incase the car breaks down.
  • Chose what to listen to before you leave.
    • Making a mix-tape or buying a new album on one’s phone is a great way to make the drive go faster. Mixon says it’s best to have a playlist before you hit the road in order to eliminate distractions. If music is not your thing, buy an audio book and make sure it works before you start driving.
  • Decide on who’s driving when and where before you leave.
    • Having a plan of action ensures that everyone does their fair share of the work, but also that everyone gets their desired break. Coming to an agreement before the trip will cause less stress during the actual vacation. Mixon writes that the driver should also be courteous and stop whenever another passenger needs to.
  • Have fun
    • After all, this is supposed to be a little getaway and break from reality. Don’t get too caught up in making plans or sticking to a rigid schedule that you don’t enjoy your time. Be safe, be prepared but have fun too.

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  1. Lol this is hilarious! I love that they have sprayed the cars grey to look more like stone henge! I wonder if it will last anywhere near as long as the original!?

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