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Review: Airbnb

Fall Break is such a wonderful time.

Even though it’s usually shorter than Spring Break, it’s much appreciated and you get to experience a new city or state in the magical season of Fall.

Over my Fall Break, I took a quick trip to Chicago. I had never been before so I thought it would be a nice vacation as a way to get out of Omaha and see something new. In the spirit of trying new things, I decided I would test out Airbnb as opposed to a regular hotel like Marriott or Best Western. Airbnb is an online marketplace where people rent, or lease, their vacation homes, loft areas in their homes or even certain rooms and beds in their homes.

Airbnb is known for being cheaper and attracting college students or the backpacking traveler and it offers a unique experience that you wouldn’t get by staying in a cookie-cutter hotel.


My Airbnb experience was such a good time and I want to share it with you!

After setting up a quick account, I entered “Chicago” in the search bar and set the time frame I wanted. I was immediately given results that showed price, pictures and location in Chicago. After browsing my options, I decided on a quaint space titled “Sunny Attic Suite at Casa de Ninners”. The option was affordable, at only $30 a night, and close to transportation, a 10 minute walk to the ‘L’.

When I finally arrived in Chicago I have to admit I was a little nervous. There was no going back now, I was staying in someones house, in someones attic. But, as soon as a stepped into the attic space I was blown away! Pictures from the Airbnb site did not do it justice.


Inside the room was:

  • a large comfy couch with skylights above it and a blanket for our use
  • a coffee table with M&M’s
  • a T.V.
  • a cabinet filled with other complimentary snacks
  • a spacious, clean bathroom with a skylight
  • a closet with multiple hangers
  • and a separate bedroom space with a bed, a desk, a dresser and a large window.

The space was so cute and I never felt unsafe. We were even given our own key code to the actual house, and a key to our attic space. Our host, Brett, was super nice and owned a very fat cat, Ninners, that we saw occasionally.

Airbnb was such a great experience because I got to connect with real homeowners of Chicago and see how they live everyday. My room was also so clean and comfy that I was surprised more people don’t use Airbnb on account of how affordable it it!

I will definitely be using Airbnb for upcoming trip and if you want to check it out, use my link below!

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    1. With all the travelling I do, I cant believe I’ve never stayed at an Airbnb. I’ve stayed at a rental before and I loved it. I definitely will be looking at staying at one in the future. I also LOVE Chicago but the hotels are so expensive so an Airbnb is the perfect alternative

  1. Airbnb has become my favorite way to see the world and learning a lot about the local culture. It’s a very smart way to cut off on hotel expenses and I have no intention to stop using Airbnb when visiting new places.

  2. I love your story, especially the cat! You seemed to get a fantastic Airbnb and hardly spent any money. Good for you!

  3. Glad you had a great experience! My experience with Air BnB hasn’t been the best – but maybe I’ll try it again. It’s definitely an affordable way to see some unique places!

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