Italy Part ll

Hopefully you’ve read my Italy Part 1 blog, otherwise you’ll miss out on the first half of this Italy tour! In the first half, I talk about why I went to Italy, Pompeii and Rome. In this second edition, I explore Milan and Venice – just to name a few. AND if you still can’t get enough of Italy, be sure to check out my photo diary here.

Alright, Italy Part ll:

San Gimignano

This is another small town, circled by a massive wall. Despite its size, San Gimignano is home to the Gelato World Champions. Honestly, nothing is better than gelato in Italy.


Florence is an iconic city and home to many study abroad students. Its history of art and architecture make it a place to stay for a couple days!

Things to not miss:

  • The Duomo
  • Michelangelo’s “David”
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • The Florence Cathedral
  • The Ponte Vecchio
  • Boboli Gardens
  • The Make-Your-Own Magnum Bar shop



You can take a quick day-trip here from Florence, as there is not much to see in this city expect for the leaning tower.


Even if you’re afraid of heights, walk to the top of the Milan Cathedral – you wont regret it!


This medieval city is home to half-finished church (it’s been that way for decades) and Cassini’s Meridian Line, an astronomical instrument stretching 219 ft!


Home to the love story that is Romeo and Juliet, Verona features Juliet’s balcony, a “letter to Juliet” wall, and a statue dedicated to Juliet. (Rubbing her left breast is said to bring good luck.)


This is probably the best description of a true Tuscan town and what most people picture when they think of the Italian countryside. Breathtaking views of vineyards and farms can be seen from almost every angle!


Rimini is a beach town, we went there to swim in the Adriatic Sea and were not disappointed! (Although, I did get very sunburnt here – don’t forget sunscreen!) The vibe of this town is very Florida-esk filled with self-called hippies and water-lovers.

San Marino

Similar to the Vatican, San Marino is its own little country. Situated on and around lush-green mountains, know that the streets are VERY steep here. However, the views are so worth it and this was a day-trip for us so we didn’t have to suffer the steep roads too long.



Venice, Venice, Venice. What can I say about this magical city? First, it was without a doubt the hottest place we visited on our trip!

I was also surprised by how small the city truly is, we could walk the entire length of Venice in one day. But, don’t let that surprise you if you still end up lost. Venice is home to many water-outlet-only streets, meaning if you don’t pay attention you might end up in the canal.

Also, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to take a canal ride. The city offers lower priced rides for locals to get across the canal, if you find one of these know they won’t sing for you but you will still get the experience for cheap!

My last tip for this city would be stay outside of Venice itself, that way you can get out of the crowed town for the night but still come back in the morning!

When traveling through Italy, whether you’re in one city or gallivanting through multiple towns, make sure to embrace the people and culture. And finally, do not forgot about the gelato! 😉

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